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Have you ever wondered why two young people who started life in similar conditions, End up very differently?

17 years ago, two young men graduated with good grades from the same school (Sorry, no names please). They were good friends because they had a lot in common. They were both intelligent and came from similar backgrounds, since their parents were both civil servants. They played together and had great future dreams and ambitions.

Just last December, both friends returned for their 17th old boys school reunion. They were still very much alike. Both were happily married and had three children.

But there was a difference. One was obviously very rich and came with the latest Range Rover Autobiography, the other was –how do I put it lightly- plain and still struggling financially.


It was not intelligence, talent or dedication. It was the path they choose and I will explain shortly.

In Dec 2018, The National Bureau of  Statistics gave these startling figures:

Unemployment rate in Nigeria has increased to 23.1% with 90.5 Million people looking for job.

Among the employed, many are UNDER-EMPLOYED, meaning they do jobs beneath their qualifications.

Thus many employees in civil service and private sector, are not able to meet up with daily needs and emergencies.

Thus lots of employees, revert to poverty and struggles in case of job loss or retirement.

With the above statistics, you will now understand what happened to the two friends.

After school, one became a banker, but the other one couldn’t get a job, so he started a small business.

For the next seven years, things moved rapidly. The banker was promoted quickly because of his personality, hard-work and intelligence. The bank sent him on several courses both locally and internationally. He soon married and was beginning to enjoy his dream life.

The other friend struggled during the same period. He had little capital and little knowledge of business. In fact, only his intelligence, hard-work and good personality prevented his fragile business from collapsing.

Soon he realized that these qualities will not keep him afloat forever, so he began to study more about running a business. 

He enrolled for many courses in business and entrepreneurship and gradually began to expand his business, as he started applying his new knowledge.

If you notice, both were still basically doing the same thing at this point, except that they were doing it with different purpose. The banker for his career and the entrepreneur for his life!

Then the economy took a hit!


Many banks closed, including our friend’s bank, and he was out of job!

His perfect “secure” life quickly collapsed around him.

Fighting for job with millions of much younger graduates, was a nightmare and he had a family to take care of.

Finally, he remembered his old friend and went to him for assistance. His friend's business has grown into a multi-million naira business empire. And so, he became his accountant.

The solution to massive unemployment and under-employment, is to take charge of your own destiny by creating your own job!

Gone are the days when you have a "secure" job immediately after school.
You work 8:00 am to 5:00 pm everyday for 35 years and wait for your pension. That formula doesn't work anymore, believe me, it is a huge waste! There are little good jobs, and they are not secure, and as for pension....hmmm, just ask a pensioner.

If you want to be truly wealthy, then follow the formula below. It is the basic formula used by most of today's multi-millionaires and billionaires.


Start a business.
Even if you are lucky to have a good job, NEVER depend on a single source of income !

Acquire necessary business training, Learn, grow and expand your business until you start making money

Now start investing your income into Passive assets, e.g Commercial house, Financial securities etc.

Building your own business, is the best way to become rich. Then you can begin investing in other assets”. Robert Kiyosaki

But there is a problem...
In Nigeria, 80% of new businesses fail within their first year!

This is very high compared with the United Sates, where only 30% of new businesses fail in their first 2 years.

The 4 major reasons for this high rate of failure are:

  • Inaccurate feasibility study before starting
    Many aspiring entrepreneurs do not know how to determine the feasibility of a business before starting it. They simply start a business because someone else is doing it, or they just think it is a good idea! This is dangerous and can lead to huge waste of resources.
  • Poor Funding & poor understanding of startup finance.
    According to Dun Bradstreet Credit Bureaus, 98% of Nigerians do not have access to bank loans. This is made worse because aspiring entrepreneurs have no training in entrepreneurial financing, no idea of how much money they actually need, poor understanding of bootstrapping practices for launching a new business and how to position the business to access start-up financing, sources of start-up financing, accurate bookkeeping practices etc. thus most are quickly starved of critical finance for the new business.
  • Lack of business planning skills
    90% of small businesses in Nigeria has no practical and comprehensive business plan that covers all the aspects of the business. Failure rate of new businesses is also close to the number of businesses that run without any business plan.
  • angle-right
    Poor training in Business Management
    99 out of every 100 small business owners have never taken any formal training in small business management! Like Marketing, Bookkeeping, Team building, Management, Leadership, etc. This alarming rate of business and financial illiteracy, is also a critical factor  that leads to the high failure rate among small businesses in Nigeria.

​But one organization has been silently empowering thousands of entrepreneurs in Africa...

Over the past 3 years, our organization has been systematically and thoroughly tackling all the major challenges listed above. We devised a powerful and effective program that addresses all the four major challenges for small businesses.

After 17 years of building several multi-million naira business ventures, and the experience gained in training over 2500 entrepreneurs and directly starting 300+ businesses, we have the most comprehensive platform to help aspiring entrepreneurs overcome all the challenges of starting a successful business.


70% of entrepreneurs who went through the program has been able to build up a successful business, or expanded their current business!

Although we target at least 90% success rate, but this is still a high figure, considering that only 20% of entrepreneurs survive their first year in Nigeria, if they are alone.

The program uses the following 4 powerful strategies to effectively tackle all the major challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses:


Our business training is the most most comprehensive and complete training in Africa, because it will teach all the aspects of running a small business.



(Click on each item, to expand for more details)









In this second step, you will be exposed to a world of entrepreneurial financing in such a ways that startup finance will never be a problem for you again. This is one of our most effective strategies, that helped thousands of our members to launch their business successfully.

Some of things you will master at this point includes:

  • 50 Sources of Start-up Capital
  • Get up to $10,000 Start-up Financing, we work with you to secure funding for your business
  • Bootstrapping, which remains a great practice for starting a new business
  • Book keeping for small business etc.


Here, we effectively tackle the problem of inaccurate feasibility study which hinders aspiring entrepreneurs, by providing you with the only business analysis of it's kind in Africa. You will be exposed to the most comprehensive business analysis and training on 100 different businesses in Africa !

This is a highly detailed  study based on research by reputable organizations including the CBN (Central Bank Of Nigeria), the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) and many independent successful entrepreneurs.

You will learn everything about businesses in many sectors including, Agriculture, Agro-processing, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Plastics and Polymer Industry, Online Business, Oil and Gas, Service Industry, Metal and Ceramics Industry.

Each business is comprehensively treated and broken down showing:

  • An executive summary of the business
  • Best location for the business
  • Equipment, tools or manpower  required
  • Financial analysis showing everything like, startup capital, operating income ,expenses,  profit, loss and break-even point, to help you determine how much you need to start the business, when you can expect to break even and how much profit you should expect to make from your investment.
  • Detailed study of the business processes.
  • Challenges and solutions
  • And lots more….


Click on each category to see the businesses under it












This step is meant to ensure that all our members can start a business even if they have zero capital in their account.

Here we partner with several organizations and companies, to provide you with already set-up business opportunities in sectors like real estate, affiliate marketing and online business. We will provide the entire business management suite, products and training for you. We go this extra mile to ensure that you can launch your business today whether you have startup capital or not.

So if you are reading this now, then you have a limited opportunity to join the best business start-up program in Africa!

Millionaires Academy 
Business Start-Up Course

The program that has trained 2500+ Entrepreneurs in the past 3 years, helped 1000+ Entrepreneurs to launch their first business, directly started 300 businesses in different sectors for our members, and created 100 new millionaires in the past 3 years! (See video and members comment section)

  • 1
    Comprehensive Business MasterClass: A self-paced online entrepreneurship training that equips you with all the fundamentals of starting, managing and growing a small business.
  • 2
    Start-Up Financing: Solves the stubborn problem of start-up financing for small business.
  • 3
    Business Mentor-ship: Access practical help and advice from successful entrepreneurs. Find great mentors 
  • 4
    Be Your Own Boss: Master 100 businesses in many sectors of the economy.
  • 5
    Business Networking: Join a rich network of thousands of local and international business men and women in our forum.
  • 6
    Free Business Set-up Suite: Start your own business today for free on our platform

What People Are Saying About Millionaires Academy

“A world-class Business School !”

This Academy is more than a world-class University! You are better than most business schools. I thank God I enrolled, and all that I have encouraged to enroll, have never regretted it.”

Reverend Michael Chukwudi Amaegbu
- TCNN Jos

“From a job-seeker to a multi-millionaire!..."

“I thank God for this program because it has totally changed my destiny. With what I learnt from the program, I started my Agro feed processing company with just N235,000... Within one year, I had a revenue of  N2,456,000 and by June 2016, I had a combined revenue of N42, 827,300... I have gone from a job seeker, to employing a staff  of 23 young men and women full-time. This program is timely!"

James Pedro
- CEO Pezocon Feeds Port Harcourt


Millionaires academy has taken  my import and exportation business very far, I urge everyone to be a partaker of this great opportunity!....

Thanks Millionaires academy

Thanks Engr Ifeanyi Okoro


Ukamaka Nnabuenyi
- CEO Primeyon Paints Industry Nig

Value Of The Millionaires Academy BSC Program

●Business Planning Course                   N 25,000
●Accounting and marketing Course   N 25,000
●Entrepreneurial Financing Course    N65,000
●100 Business Analysis                           N275,000
●Free Business Set-up                             N 350,000

  • Bonus Package (See Below)               N20,000 
    Plus other benefits that cannot be valued like mentorship and networking


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



For Cash Payment or Transfer, see account details and instruction below.


This is the first package you will receive immediately after registration. It contains 20 of the most powerful manuals and e-books responsible for creating uncountable number of millionaires, great people and leaders worldwide.

The contents of these manuals alone, can make you a multi-millionaire in a short time, if you follow the instructions.



1. 50 Organizations that will give you money to start your business

A powerful manual that list of all the organizations that gives grant to small businesses in Africa including TEEP, Acumen Funds, Agri-vie, UNDP etc, plus their addresses, requirements and ways of applying for grants.

2. 40 Businesses you can start with little or no money

This is a collection of 40 additional businesses you can start today, with no capital and make millions within a year.

3. 30 items you can start exporting with less than N100,000 and make millions of dollars

Includes sources of raw materials, registration process for exportation, processes and all details required to launch your own export company today with little cash.

4. 21 Secrets of self-made millionaires

A powerful book by Brian Tracy. You will want to read this book several times.

5. The science of getting rich

If you haven't read this book, you are in for a rude awakening! You cannot read this book and remain the same. 

This is one little book that almost all billionaires admits to have read at one point or the other in their life. From Billionaire Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates. The secrets in this book will simply blow your mind.

After reading this book, you will finally understand the principles of wealth.

6. As a man thinketh by James Allen

Another secret book of the very rich. You will never remain the same after exposing yourself to the secrets contained within the covers of this extraordinary wealth manual.

7. The science of being great

From of the extraordinary mind of the great Wallace Wattles. A must have in the library of great men and women.

8. Abundance living basics

Living in abundance starts in the mind. If you feel that you are struggling now, then read this manual and it will change your mind and your life....forever!

9. Think and grow rich

An open secret by the great Napoleon Hill. A must read by every great man. A book responsible for creating many world figures, top athletes, billionaires and celebrities.

10. Laws of success in 16 Lessons

The original book by Napoleon Hill, which was subsequently banned by the world billionaires of his era, for fear of revolt by their workers. A book that 

A cherished book in the library of most great men and women.

11. The little book that changed my life

A short book that will literally transform your life. Be informed or be deformed.

12. Business Funding Workbook

An additional step-by step workbook to assist anyone looking for start-up funding. 

The objectives of this book are to help you

•Analyze your market, the competition, and your financials,

•Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and strategies,

•Establish how much money you will need and when,

•Determine the type of capital you will most likely qualify for,

•Define what information you need to present to Lenders or Investors,

•Package your request for your best chance of success,

•Establish the format and flow of your presentation,

•Direct you to the Funding Sources that offer exactly what you need

13. How to write a business plan

A step by step manual to support your business plan.

14. Secrets and Steps in starting any successful business

A step-by-step manual for launching your business

15. Secrets of branding

Learn to grow your business through branding - The Secret of big businesss .

16. How to establish your business on the internet

A manual that helps to publish your business on the internet and take advantage of the global economy.

17. Fast cash generator

Techniques for generating tens—even hundreds—of thousands of dollars virtually overnight!

From the legendary business consultant JAY ABRAHAM who has helped thousands of businesses all over the world generate billions of dollars yearly.

18. Affiliate marketing success secrets

A workbook for our affiliate marketing course.

A Step by step guide to succeeding in affiliate marketing.

19. Starting importation business

A manual that breaks down the complex importation business and guide you step by step from starting your business and licensing to sourcing for your goods. A workbook for our course on importation.

20. Six figure blog marketing

Top blogger reveals her secret of making millions from blogging and how you can do the same even if yuo have little of technology.

More Testimonials From Our Members

“Thank God my doubts didn't stop me from Joining!"

“I thought joining the batch 4 will be a waste of time, but it really beat me imagination! I am a proud member of the Millionaires Academy!"

Ibironke Kuti 

“​Millionaire Academy workbooks are real treasures"

The project workbooks from the Millionaires Academy was what changed my life. After going through the exercises, I used the little money I had, to go into jewelries in Ghana.”

"Today, based in South Africa, I earn thousands of dollars in my jewelry business.  
Engr Emma and his team has really over delivered in this life changing program. 

Uche Nwangwu

“...Job hunting is over...for life!"

“Since I discovered Millionaires Academy, Job hunting is over for life ! Which company can pay me up to $1000 dollars every month? I doubted before, but now am speechless. Thank you !"

Muhammad Nasiru 
- Online Business Expert

“This is a goldmine, don't miss this opportunity!..."

“This Program is a goldmine ! It opened my eyes to 100's of opportunities & helped me start a PKO company in Ibadan. My business now turns over millions yearly. I encourage more youths to embrace entrepreneurship instead of looking for non-existent jobs."

Peter Akinwumi
- Founder TANK Resources

“...Job hunting is over...for life!"

“if you have not subscribed to this...Join today and thank me later!......MILLIONAIRES ACADEMY .....changing lives"

Shola Coker
Engr Emma Okoro


About the founder

Engr Emma Okoro is the Chairman of Emcorp group of companies. Starting with almost nothing in 2001, he went on to build a multi-million naira business empire with interest in Real Estate, Technology, Medical Equipments, Online Business, Printing and Publishing, Agriculture and Investments.

His early experience of the harsh realities in starting a business in Nigeria and his tireless passion for youth development and entrepreneurship, led to the creation of the Millionaires Academy, with assistance from several local and international organizations  including BOI, CBN, FAO etc. He has helped many young people in just about every category of business, turn their ideas into fortunes.

Don't start any business in Nigeria, without first going through this program! 

Many aspiring entrepreneurs do their business by trial and error. Don't make this mistake! Learning from your experience is okay, but you may loose all your capital. It is better to learn from the experience of others!

Through this program, you will have access to the experience of some of the top entrepreneurs and business minds in the continent and you will undergo the most comprehensive step-by-step business start-up program in Africa today. 

6 months from now, you could easily join the ranks of our millionaire members, running a business you love and making millions......Or you could still be doing trial and error with your destiny, and wondering why business is so tough.

I invite you to join this privileged group now ! 

Don't wait tomorrow! Right now, for just N50,000 you will have access to the most comprehensive business start-up program in Africa. This is a great value for over 200 entrepreneurship training modules! thorough feasibilty study of 100 businesses from reputable organizations including the CBN, powerful business manuals and worksheets, invaluable support for start-ups and so many other benefits..

How much do you think it will cost you to get all these value individually? Millions! and you won't still get the full value, practical guides and manuals as you get with this program.

If you cannot pay complete now, use the flexible payment plan below, instead of procrastinating till tomorrow. Once you join with any payment plan, your position will be automatically secured, and any future price increase will not affect you.

Here's  What You Get

  • The most Comprehensive online business training, covering everything you need to start a business or expand your current business from Planning, management to marketing and everything in between.
  • Start-up Financing Support for a growing business
  • Free Business Setup for members on our platform
  • Full analysis of 100 businesses in Nigeria you can start today, with full financial details and research supported by CBN, FAO and others
  • The Millionaires Package, a priceless collection of the 20 most powerful manuals and e-books in the library of great people.
  • Business mentor-ship and Networking with thousands of other entrepreneurs all over Africa

Actual Cost = N780,000,



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



Engr Emma Okoro


100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Get Your Money Back ! 

By now, you have probably convinced yourself that you can start or grow a multi-million naira business with the powerful strategies, insider secrets and expert guidance in this unique program.  It is absolutely true.

Many people just like you have made millions after joining this program due to the powerful lessons you are about to discover.

Obviously, I can't be certain you will do the same. I don't know you. Maybe, you may not make a single dime. So let's do this.

Take the Millionaires Academy Business Start-up Program at no risk...and prove this unique program will work for you. If after 6 months you are not satisfied, I shall return 100% of your money back, no questions asked !

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